About U C MAS (India) Network

The UCMAS Mental Arithmetic Program is a unique child development program that was founded in Malaysia in 1993 and has been offered in India since 1999. UCMAS (India) Network has also got the certification and is now ISO 9001-2000 certified.

UCMAS promotes whole brain development by stimulating both sides of the brain using an innovative mental math program utilizing the Abacus as a teaching tool. By learning to perform mental calculations quickly and accurately, students aged 5-13 expand their mental capacity and develop skills such as multitasking, time management, memory, concentration and problem solving – skills that are crucial to success in all areas of study and in daily life.

UCMAS (India) Network has several hundred franchisee centers today in the entire country - represented by the Master Franchise of each State. The States today covered by UCMAS are Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal, Maharashtra - Mumbai Region, Maharashtra - Nagpur Region,           Maharashtra - Pune Region, Goa, Punjab & Chandigarh, Haryana, Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Uttaranchal, Jharkhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Assam,  Meghalaya, Tamilnadu & Pondy .Efforts would continue, figures would swell and we have long way to go, though we took the first and the pioneering step and stand as no.l brand today

U C MAS programme is approved and certified by the Government of India to train the student of Bhonsala Military School, Nasik under the Ministry of Defence in Maharashtra from 10/07/2004

ISO & U C MAS - India- An enviable Association indeed !!!

Do what you say and Say what you are supposed to do is the idiom and it is the basic reference to ISO - International Organisation for Standardization.
No doubt UC MAS has carved a niche for itself in the field of Abacus in India. Being the forerunner in this field, it is all the more reason for obtaining this coveted certification, which justifies its pioneering position

A family of standards formulated by the International body is aimed at customer satisfaction. Probably ISO is the only standard that emphasises the need to have a good process to get a desired result.

The business today is driven by customer and re-volves around quality. Customer satisfaction alone can bring repeated business. ISO 9000 lays the foundation stone for a good quality management system. Implementation of this standard gives confidence to the customer. It is not uncom-mon today that many corporate industries insist on their ven-dors getting this outstanding stamp of quality. In short, organizations that are interested in improving business pro-cess by eliminating wasteful activities, reducing scrap, in-creasing productivity, meeting the market requirements opt for ISO 9000.

"Essential requirements of ISO : Ensuring sequence and interaction of processes Ensuring process inputs, activities and outputs. Documenting all the inputs. Monitoring inputs and outputs Identifying and managing risks in conducting data analysis to facilitate continual improvement of processes

  • Identifying process owners and delegating the responsibility.
  • Control of Records
  • Measures for Corrective & Preventive Action
  • Aiming for Continual improvement.

It is imperative that all the above criteria are met that will ensure a smooth sail ahead.
All these processes revolve around the customer as the cus-tomer is considered to be the very important person and more than satisfying the customer we must take measures to delight the customer, which is the very purpose of ISO. Man-agement shall ensure that customer requirements are deter-mined and are met with the aim of enhancing customer sat-isfaction. Obtaining this certification is not a difficult task but maintaining would speak about the continued commitment to quality, in essence, the customers' interests.


Benefits of certification:

  • Return on Investment
  • Enhanced Company profile and Corporate image
  • Improved Morale and commitment
  • Cost and Process Loss Reduction
  • Marketing Advantage
  • Foundation of total quality management.
  • Reduction of customer complaints

The strategic objective of our organization is the continual improvement of processes in order to enhance the organization's performance and benefit its interested parties.
No doubt, this certification is yet another feather in the crown of U C MAS

Flash Cards

  • Used to ascertain the place value.
  • Position of the beads indicate place value.
  • Every place value is an image Over the 10 levels of this program, the child becomes familiar with over 4. 5 lac such images
  • Concept of thinking in pictures does not help just arithmetic ability but enhances overall academic proficiency.

Teaching Objectives

  • Recognize & understand the abacus
  • Mastering the method of counting using beads
  • Method of 'poking' of the abacus with both hands
  • Understand the basic gesture & pose while using the abacus
  • Translate the numbers into beads & beads into numbers .
  • Basic Skill of 'non carry & abdicate' method
  • Skill of carry & abdicate method
  • Mastering the law of adding & subtracting1
  • Mastering multiplication & division methods
  • Begin to work using imaginary beads
  • Use listening & visualizing skills to improve speed & accuracy

What is Mental Calculation?

The mental calculation is defined as calculation of number conception and the way of imaging the abacus calculation by brain is called as the mental arithmetic by image of Abacus: In recent years we have been discussing and studying the mental arithmetic by image of abacus which is more advantageous than other skills in the light of the result of examination. The mental arithmetic by image of abacus means that we calculate on the abacus in our brain without seeing the abacus.