Human brain is divided into 2 hemispheres - Left & Right

Human brain is divided into 2 hemispheres - Left  & Right

Studies reveal that brain, like the rest of our anatomy, is made up of two halves, left & right brain. From front to back in our brain there's a big fold, essentially dividing it into two distinct halves. They are connected to each other by a thick cable of nerves at the base of each brain. It is like a network connection between cross over, it applies even to our eyes, which process their sensory data on opposite sides of the brain. A series of tests seemed to have been conducted where each "half" of a patient was isolated from the other. Different visual and tactile information when presented to the patient's left or right side, without the other side knowing, the results were reported to be astounding. The experiment is reported to have revealed that with their communications link severed, each side of the patient's brain was functioning independently. The right hand and eye could name an object, such as a pencil, but the patient could not explain what it was used for. When shown to the left hand and eye, the patient could explain and demonstrate its use, but could not name it.

"The theme to emerge from this is that there appear to be two modes of thinking, verbal and nonverbal, represented rather separately in left and right hemispheres respectively and that our education system, as well as science in general, tends to neglect the nonverbal form of intellect. What it comes down to is that modern society discriminates against the right hemisphere".

"Our personality can be thought of as a result of the degree to which these left and right brains interact, or, in some cases, do not interact. It is a simplification to identify "left brain" types who are very analytical and orderly. We likewise certainly know of the artistic, unpredictability and creativity of "right brain" types. But each of us draw upon specific sides of our brain for a variety of daily functions, depending on such things as our education and life experiences. The choices of which brain is in control of which situation is what makes our personalities and determines our character.

Experiments show that most children rank highly creative (right brain) before entering school, because our educational systems place a higher value on left-brain skills such as mathematics, logic and language than it does on drawing or using our imagination. Only ten percent of these same children will rank highly creative by age. By the time we are adults, high creativity remains in only 2 percent of the population."

To begin with, the action of driving beads with two hands promotes the development of the whole function of the brain. Driving beads by two hands is the latest development of Zhusuan Technology in China in the recent years and the inevitable action in the education on mental arithmetic by image of Zhusuan. Driving beads mutually by right and left hand enables man's vision, sense of hearing, sense of touch and all muscles to act in concert and harmony. Thus the right and left hemispheres of the brain are simultaneously used and control the action of the hands together. The action of the right hand has developed the calculating and logical thinking function of the left brain, and the action of the left hand has developed the imaginary and creative function of the right brain. Since the right and left hemispheres of the brain transmit messages to each other, the action of the two hands is well co-ordinated and the function of the whole brain is developed.

In addition, the application of 'the image in brain' can develop the potentialities of the brain further. After the education in mental arithmetic by image of Zhusuan reaches an advanced stage, The image of which is formed in the brain, is called 'image memory'. At this time, the beads are not necessary to be driven by finger at all and the calculation proceeds in the brain directly. The image of the brain' is carried on mainly due to the inspiring activity of the right brain. This direct calculating operation in the brain improves the function of the right brain greatly, and thus improves the whole function of the brain.

The good grasp of calculating skill and large amount of repetitive calculating practice is the reason that they do well in all the other subjects, only because the study of mental arithmetic by image of Zhusuan has developed the potentialities of the human brain.

Mr. Hamsun the President of the National Zhusuan association in Japan, said, 'since Japanese began to use the abacus, they have become much more quick-witted and have developed intelligence, by which Japan of today is created'.

What is more, such action as listening, looking, reading, moving hands, calculating, numbering off and translating numbers and beads with each other, as quick as lightning in the education in mental arithmetic by image of Zhusuan are all suitable for the aural and visual development and motion law of children, thus it is easy for them to accept.

The abacus will be no longer merely a calculating tool, it also acts as the tool of education and tapping intellectual resources.

Make mental arithmetic by image of Zhusuan, the new subject, to fit better for the law of developing the brain function, and enables it to play an even better role in tapping intelligence and improving human cultural quality.